Boak’s Ethics Problems Continue


She can do all the meditation, praying, hoping, and lying she pleases, but Alison Boak cannot escape the truth behind her hidden income.

Ethics is an important issue for someone running for office. Given the track record of many Democratic elected officials across the state who have broken the law and/or ethics rules, we don’t need another one. That is especially true for the area representing the northern part of Westchester. Just look at Peekskill for example. There are at least two and maybe more corrupt Democratic councilmembers already there (Claxton and McKenzie).

Boak has been exposed before. She has failed to properly disclose her sources of income and was again recently highlighted by the NY Post for her selective methods of reporting. After her previous oversight in reporting her ‘vacation rental’ income in Florida, she now conveniently left off her additional income from her position as a yoga instructor at multiple fitness centers. All this begs the question of what else is she leaving off her disclosure forms?

Then there is her disturbing association with Red Horse Strategies, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s political consulting group. A group presently under investigation, along with the mayor, for improper use of funds in previous campaigns. Why does she continue to give tens of thousands of dollars to Red Horse while continually denying the association? Her blatant lies are piling up.

All this exposure of Boak’s improper actions has led the Democratic Party to keep their distance. Two years ago, in this same NY Senate race, the State Democratic Party contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars toward Murphy’s opponent, Justin Wagner. Much of that, it turned out, originated from de Blasio. However, much of it didn’t. Democrats from across the district and beyond thought they had an opportunity to flip the seat to the Democratic side. It was their best shot in a long time given it was an open seat and their candidate was well known from his previous unsuccessful run. This time, with a strong incumbent in Murphy and a weak and flawed candidate in Boak, the Democrats have turned their attention, and money, to other races.

In a post at the beginning of the campaign InsidePEEK predicted an easy win for Murphy against any one of the three opponents vying for the Democratic nomination at the time. Boak was their choice in the Primary and now they are stuck with her. She is damaged goods with a bad track record in her limited time in local office, tied in with a possibly illegal political financing scheme, and continually caught misrepresenting her finances on ethics filings.

Maybe de Blasio or Cuomo will give her a job after she loses. That’s where these losing candidates usually end up.

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