Dems Exposed in Illegal Campaign Funding Scheme in NY Senate Race


The race for the 40th NY Senate seat has become the focus of a long overdue probe. Sitting Senator Terrence Murphy was spot on two years ago when he publicly exposed the illegal fundraising scheme orchestrated by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. In that race Murphy’s challenger, Justin Wagner, continually received exorbitant and uncharacteristically large amounts of campaign donations from political parties – especially the Putnam County Democratic Party. At the time, Murphy and his team discovered de Blasio shook down major contributors to provide large donations in return for favorable status in NYC contracts.

This is called Pay-To-Play – and the Democrats are experts at it. It is their mantra – just ask Hillary. That is for another post.

Recent news articles highlighting a federal and state probe into the de Blasio scheme have totally vindicated Murphy for exposing the outrageous contributions funneled to his opponent two years ago. In just one example, the Putnam Democrats transferred $367,000 to the Wagner campaign. In fact, the Putnam Democrats collected close to $700,000 that year from outside de Blasio donors! In past elections the Putnam Democrats raised on the average of just $10,000!

Recently Murphy has correctly demanded legal action against de Blasio and his cohorts. One major donor, the Communication Workers of America Union (CWA), contributed $102,300. The CWA was a big supporter of Wagner and has close ties to the Peekskill Democrats as well. The question that will be answered in due time is if the candidates involved are also exposed to legal action. Wagner, a liberal attorney, lost his job with the environmental firm he worked for at the time but landed softly with a position in the Cuomo Administration.

Major questions now remain: How will this investigation effect this year’s District 40 Senate race? How will Costello, Falk and recently announced candidate Alison Boak react? Will they condemn what has taken place? Will they vow to not except similar contributions? Their silence is telling. The election is mostly out of reach for them to begin with but after spending most of their limited funds in a primary and not getting the back door contributions from the establishment Democrats will make the race virtually impossible to win. InsidePEEK originally predicted the 40th District voters would overwhelmingly reelect Murphy. Now you can take it to the bank.

Murphy’s latest quote should be heeded by NYS, NYC and local Democrats alike, “The Hudson Valley is not for sale.”

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