About InsidePeek

InsidePeek is a blog dedicated to covering the stories behind the stories of local governments and the people who populate them. For whatever reason, many times the stories reported are missing important details and information that the public has a right to know. We at InsidePEEK plan on making the general public aware of that information whenever we can substantiate its validity and importance.

We at InsidePEEK are a small group of individuals who are not affiliated with any news organization or political party. We are admitted “political junkies” who see a void that needs to be filled where mainstream reporting falls short of telling the whole story, or neglects to tell the story at all.

You can help us. If you know of any information that would be important for the public to know please contact us. Send us your information, document, photo or anything helpful in telling the story and giving validity to it. We will not report directly on rumors but they may help us to search for the truth. Our email address is insidepeekcontact@gmail.com.

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