Boak’s Ethics Problems Continue


She can do all the meditation, praying, hoping, and lying she pleases, but Alison Boak cannot escape the truth behind her hidden income.

Ethics is an important issue for someone running for office. Given the track record of many Democratic elected officials across the state who have broken the law and/or ethics rules, we don’t need another one. That is especially true for the area representing the northern part of Westchester. Just look at Peekskill for example. There are at least two and maybe more corrupt Democratic councilmembers already there (Claxton and McKenzie).

Boak has been exposed before. She has failed to properly disclose her sources of income and was again recently highlighted by the NY Post for her selective methods of reporting. After her previous oversight in reporting her ‘vacation rental’ income in Florida, she now conveniently left off her additional income from her position as a yoga instructor at multiple fitness centers. All this begs the question of what else is she leaving off her disclosure forms?

Then there is her disturbing association with Red Horse Strategies, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s political consulting group. A group presently under investigation, along with the mayor, for improper use of funds in previous campaigns. Why does she continue to give tens of thousands of dollars to Red Horse while continually denying the association? Her blatant lies are piling up.

All this exposure of Boak’s improper actions has led the Democratic Party to keep their distance. Two years ago, in this same NY Senate race, the State Democratic Party contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars toward Murphy’s opponent, Justin Wagner. Much of that, it turned out, originated from de Blasio. However, much of it didn’t. Democrats from across the district and beyond thought they had an opportunity to flip the seat to the Democratic side. It was their best shot in a long time given it was an open seat and their candidate was well known from his previous unsuccessful run. This time, with a strong incumbent in Murphy and a weak and flawed candidate in Boak, the Democrats have turned their attention, and money, to other races.

In a post at the beginning of the campaign InsidePEEK predicted an easy win for Murphy against any one of the three opponents vying for the Democratic nomination at the time. Boak was their choice in the Primary and now they are stuck with her. She is damaged goods with a bad track record in her limited time in local office, tied in with a possibly illegal political financing scheme, and continually caught misrepresenting her finances on ethics filings.

Maybe de Blasio or Cuomo will give her a job after she loses. That’s where these losing candidates usually end up.


Dems Exposed in Illegal Campaign Funding Scheme in NY Senate Race


The race for the 40th NY Senate seat has become the focus of a long overdue probe. Sitting Senator Terrence Murphy was spot on two years ago when he publicly exposed the illegal fundraising scheme orchestrated by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. In that race Murphy’s challenger, Justin Wagner, continually received exorbitant and uncharacteristically large amounts of campaign donations from political parties – especially the Putnam County Democratic Party. At the time, Murphy and his team discovered de Blasio shook down major contributors to provide large donations in return for favorable status in NYC contracts.

This is called Pay-To-Play – and the Democrats are experts at it. It is their mantra – just ask Hillary. That is for another post.

Recent news articles highlighting a federal and state probe into the de Blasio scheme have totally vindicated Murphy for exposing the outrageous contributions funneled to his opponent two years ago. In just one example, the Putnam Democrats transferred $367,000 to the Wagner campaign. In fact, the Putnam Democrats collected close to $700,000 that year from outside de Blasio donors! In past elections the Putnam Democrats raised on the average of just $10,000!

Recently Murphy has correctly demanded legal action against de Blasio and his cohorts. One major donor, the Communication Workers of America Union (CWA), contributed $102,300. The CWA was a big supporter of Wagner and has close ties to the Peekskill Democrats as well. The question that will be answered in due time is if the candidates involved are also exposed to legal action. Wagner, a liberal attorney, lost his job with the environmental firm he worked for at the time but landed softly with a position in the Cuomo Administration.

Major questions now remain: How will this investigation effect this year’s District 40 Senate race? How will Costello, Falk and recently announced candidate Alison Boak react? Will they condemn what has taken place? Will they vow to not except similar contributions? Their silence is telling. The election is mostly out of reach for them to begin with but after spending most of their limited funds in a primary and not getting the back door contributions from the establishment Democrats will make the race virtually impossible to win. InsidePEEK originally predicted the 40th District voters would overwhelmingly reelect Murphy. Now you can take it to the bank.

Murphy’s latest quote should be heeded by NYS, NYC and local Democrats alike, “The Hudson Valley is not for sale.”

Not Much Support For Costello Senate Bid

Costello not feelin it

Looks like a Primary is brewing in the Democratic Party for the 40th NYS Senate race. A second candidate has recently announced her candidacy to run – Cortlandt Town Board member Debbie Costello. So now two Democrats have announced, Costello of Verplanck and Andrew Falk of Patterson. It will be interesting to see if anyone else plans to enter the race. It may be likely since both of these candidates have no chance of beating Murphy.

InsidePEEK gets a number of emails a day informing us about numerous stories of interest and giving some very valuable information. No story in our brief existence has generated more contact to InsidePEEK than this one. Most interesting is that we have been contacted by numerous Democrats not happy about Costello’s announcement. Why? Because she is not well liked or trusted among most Democratic circles. Plus, she has a terrible record in her short time as an elected official in Cortlandt.

First, the trust issue. We have been informed that Costello had been a life-long Republican and even worked for a time in the Pataki Administration. She was bounced around from a few positions because those working with her felt she was only out for herself and untrustworthy. She didn’t last long with the administration after that. Next, she ran for office in 2009 for Cortlandt Town Clerk, as a Republican/Conservative, and got trounced. She tried to obtain numerous jobs through the GOP but was never offered one to her liking. So she did what other rejects of the party have done, she changed affiliation to Democrat.

Two years ago Costello, just a year after switching parties, looked to run for office as a Democrat. From what we have been told by present and former members of the Cortlandt Democratic Party, she caused a huge quandary for them. The committee had a choice to make, support Costello, who recently switched parties, or another turncoat, Dominic Volpe, who switched to Democrat many years ago but was a terrible candidate and was a consistent loser of 5 elections. Tired of wasting their time with Volpe, the party chose Costello. She won. Since being involved with the Democrats for a few years she developed the same problems as before. The dems see her as opportunistic and untrustworthy, which is why many are unhappy with her running for Senate. They are also very unhappy she was so quickly endorsed by Supervisor Puglisi and Assemblywoman Sandy Galef. The Cortlandt Dems who contacted us are particularly perplexed by Puglisi’s endorsement since she and Costello don’t get along ever since Puglisi discovered Costello was plotting to run for supervisor and possibly even primary her. The feeling is that Puglisi endorsed her mainly to get rid of her.

Now, for her abysmal record. Since being elected Costello has voted each year for huge tax increases for the town. InsidePEEK will look deeper into the details of these tax increases. Besides the general operating increases there are significant increases to the various taxing districts throughout the town. We have been told that Puglisi and the town board have been very skillful in confusing the tax issue by never addressing the taxing districts. There are tremendous increases over the years that are ignored. More on that when we have details to share.

Costello has also voted on a shady tax foreclosure auction in 2014 that was not held according to the laws that guide such sales. Properties were taken improperly by the town and then sold at a small fraction of their worth and only to ‘friends’ of Puglisi and board members. Once exposed that the property titles were never obtained by the town in the first place and that the sale was not properly advertised, the results of the sale had to be rescinded. She also voted to support a moratorium that has caused a serious lawsuit against the town. See our earlier post on this issue HERE

Finally, our information is that Costello has determined this to be a good year to run for this office since it is a Presidential election year and that Westchester resident Hillary Clinton will most likely be the candidate. She feels the ‘woman’ connection will help put her over the top. This may be her calculation but it is horribly flawed. As we pointed out in an earlier post, neither of Obama’s elections helped the Democratic challenger in this race. The GOP candidate won each time. There will not be anywhere near the number of Democratic voters this time around. Hillary is turning out not to be a good candidate and has lost significant support – including from women.

Costello has a tall hill to climb – lack of support on the grass roots level and a national landscape not in her favor. The Cortlandt Democratic Committee, her ‘home’ committee, is not overly enthusiastic of her candidacy and we hear that the Peekskill Democrats are looking to get behind her if nothing else but to try and deflect away from their public relations nightmare. We also hear there is huge infighting going on in the Peekskill party causing leadership changes and defections. More on that story in a future post.

InsidePEEK’s prediction has not changed, Murphy will win in November and by a significant margin. We will bring more on this developing story as it comes our way.

Falk First to Challenge Murphy to Senate Seat


The first challenger to NY State Senator Terrence Murphy in this year’s fall election has come forward. Murphy is in the second year of his first 2-year term representing New York’s 40th Senate District.

Putnam County Lawyer Andrew Falk has announced his plans to challenge Senator Murphy in November. He has a dismal track record in previous races. Falk has lost twice to NY State Assemblyman Steve Katz and, most recently, lost his bid for Patterson Supervisor in 2015.

The 40th District spans roughly from Valhalla in the southernmost portion to Beekman in the North and from the Connecticut boarder to the Hudson River. It includes Beekman and Pawling in Dutchess County; Brewster, Carmel, Patterson and Southeast in Putnam County; and Cortlandt, Lewisboro, Mount Kisco, Mount Pleasant, New Castle, North Salem, Peekskill, Pound Ridge, Somers and Yorktown in Westchester County.

The Democrats have coveted this district and felt they had it in their hands two years ago when Murphy was challenged by Justin Wagner. In the previous election for the seat against incumbent Greg Ball, Wagner came close but could not pull out a victory. In 2014 Wagner and the State Democrats thought Wagner was a sure bet once Ball declared he was not running for reelection, leaving the seat open. Murphy, a Yorktown Councilman at the time, threw his hat in the ring to run for the open seat. After a 70%-30% win over former NY Assemblyman Robert Castelli in a Primary, Murphy went on to beat Wagner decisively in the General Election. It wasn’t even close. Wagner’s radical left agenda and unlikeability as a candidate was too much for him to overcome. The name recognition he gained in the previous campaign against Ball proved to not be a factor. Both the State Senate and local Democrats were stunned, especially since they poured a ton of money into the contest and had ‘professional’ political consultants heavily involved.

In the end the 40th District is a heavily Republican District and likely will remain that way. In a recent statement Falk suggested that the 40th is a “swing district” for control of the Senate. That is not the case. He did make one accurate point stating that this year is a presidential election year so Democratic voter turnout will be high. That is true. But so will the Republicans, Independents and Conservatives – voters who normally determine the outcome of this race. Plus, many voters on the Democratic side will either stay home or cross party lines due to the poor choice of candidates facing them. It has already been proven that the overwhelming majority of voters in the 40th District are not supportive of the extreme left agenda. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton represent that philosophy. Clinton would offer an interesting twist being that she resides within the 40th District, as does Governor Cuomo. It is important to point out that a huge turnout took place during President Obama’s races and both times the Republican won the 40th District race.

InsidePEEK is curious to see if Falk is the only candidate to come forward. Others have been mentioned, including Peekskill Councilwoman Cathy Talbot. It seems that the Democrats are having a hard time finding a credible candidate. So far they only have a three-time loser and someone who barely won reelection to the Peekskill Council. They are probably conceding the race and are looking to merely convince someone to keep Murphy from being unopposed. A ‘sacrificial lamb’ as it called in politics.

The Democrats look to be making the same reoccurring mistake – that Peekskill is an important component their victory. In reality Peekskill has become less and less a factor in this race. It is a very small portion of the district and even local democratic candidates barely win despite their 3-1 registration advantage. The local party is a disaster and has been controlled by people whose questionable actions and shenanigans are finally coming to light and on virtually a daily basis.

Inside PEEK believes Murphy is just too formidable a candidate, no matter who is selected to run against him. He has been in office just 14 months and has accomplished quite a bit. He has been out in front against the widespread heroin epidemic, a champion for small business owners and has been visible and active non stop throughout the district. We believe the voters of the 40th District will overwhelmingly support his reelection. InsidePEEK will continue to follow the race and bring forward any new developments as they happen.

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