Peekskill Dem Judge Loehr Sets Violent Criminals Free Without Bail!


Thanks to the Peekskill Democratic City Council Majority, the City of Peekskill has become a more dangerous place – especially against Hispanics. We at InsidePEEK predicted this very outcome when the unqualified City Judges were appointed.

The latest outrageous act by Judge Melissa Loehr is the last straw!

We clearly showed how Loehr was appointed due to her and her father’s political connection to the Democratic Party. She was chosen over much more qualified candidates and has a close personal connection to Councilman Noodle.

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On Sunday July 16, 2017 three Peekskill residents (who are friends of the Democratic members of the City Council) committed egregious hate crimes against two Hispanic males on Orchard Street. The victims were robbed and beaten. One was beaten so badly with a baseball bat that his skull was fractured and his eye socket and wrist were broken! He is clinging to life in the hospital. These same three thugs are suspected of committing a similar crime just two days earlier that sent another Hispanic male to the hospital in critical condition.

So, what did Judge Loehr do when the Westchester DA requested a $25,000 bail be set for these criminals? She simply released two of them on their own recognizance (ROR)! No bail and not even an appearance ticket! She immediately put them back out on the street. The third suspect had a separate domestic violence charge pending so Loehr reduced the $30,000 bail requested by the DA to a mere $2000.


These are the three suspects set free without bail by Judge Melissa Loehr.

This was all Mayor Catalina and Councilman Torres could take – they are upset and vow to take action to stop further erosion of the law in Peekskill. The hard-working members of the Peekskill Police and other law enforcement put their lives on the line every day and strive to remove these types of criminals from the streets of the City – then the judges turn around and immediately release them to commit more crime. It has to stop.

Councilman Torres, a former court officer and liaison to the police department made the following public statement following the incident:

“This weekend our city was beset with a rash of the most deplorable violence one can encounter. Regardless of who we are, we all have a sense of safety when we are running about our daily lives. For two in our Latino community, this sense of safety was destroyed. Senseless hatred of a group of three men shattered the peaceful lives of two men and their families. One is physically OK and overcoming a forceful robbery. The other is clinging to his life after being targeted and hit in the head with, I’m told, a baseball bat. Yes, a baseball bat to the head for no apparent reason.

Our police did what we expect of them. They investigated and made arrests and put forth three men to face our criminal justice system. We should all feel safe, right? Well, no, we can’t feel safe. A liberal judge decided to play politics with your safety, and released all three of these accused violent offenders. They are now amongst us instead of safely in a facility where they can’t harm anyone until they answer for their crimes.

Unfortunately, this is standard practice for Judge Loehr. Everyone is released with no regard for our families safety. This is a direct result of the Peekskill Democratic Party picking Judge Loehr as a political favor instead of another Democrat judge who even Republicans agreed was best suited for the position.”

You would think that this horrible incident would bring sympathy and concern by council members Rainey, Talbot and McKenzie – nothing can be further from the truth. When the incident was discussed at the Monday July 17th Council meeting, the Democratic council members seemed more suspect of the police than anything else. McKenzie thought Loehr’s action were just fine! Rainey and Talbot did not seem concerned at all about the victims.

They are obviously attempting to cover for their friends – especially Loehr.

Wait, there is more!

Seems Judge Loehr has recently violated a very important rule for judges related to politics – they are not permitted to attend political fundraisers or show any blatant affiliation to political events. Just a week before the attack on July 7th, Democratic City Council candidate Ramon Fernandez held a fundraiser at 420 Simpson Place in Peekskill. Guess who showed up to the event alongside Councilman Noodle – yup, Judge Melissa Loehr! Thanks to one of our readers we were provided the proof via the photograph below.


Peekskill City Councilman and mayor candidate Andre Noodle Noo Rainey and Peekskill City Court Associate Judge Melissa Loehr attend a political fundraiser together on July 7th in Peekskill.

So, when Noodle said in the July 17th council meeting that he “will speak with the judge” we are sure he will. He probably does that a lot.

Speaking of candidate Fernandez and his fellow Hispanic council candidate, Vanessa Agudelo – why are they so silent? Why is council candidate Colin Smith actually on social media defending Loehr and the criminals?! Outrageous. Looks like they have fallen in line with the Democratic Party bosses and put politics before the people – even before their own community. Disgraceful but not surprising.

It is time to clean up Peekskill. Loehr (and Judge Johnson for that matter) should resign and allow law and order to resume in Peekskill. Putting Fernandez, Agudelo and Smith in office will further degrade Peekskill. Although Councilman Noodle will unfortunately remain on the council when he loses his election for mayor, Peekskill has an opportunity to right the ship and elect members to work with Mayor Catalina to do the right thing for all citizens of Peekskill.

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  1. Ded Yorick

     /  July 19, 2017

    Melissa Loehr is a disgrace to the judiciary and to the City of Peekskill. She needs to be legally removed from office. A person is fighting for his life in what should be called an attempted murder and this mental deficient and constitutional illiterate sets the assailants free. Either the City of Peekskill must take action or the State of New York should. This cannot go unchecked. The apologists for this deviant (and here I mean “Judge” Loehr) are pathetic. Rainey is as unqualified for public office as Loehr. He, McKenzie, Claxton, and Talbot don’t have the honor or decency to admit they made a mistake when appointing Madame Defarge to the bench. After all, when you’re a “progressive”, there’s no such thing as a mistake. Any crime, ethical lapse, malfeasance, incompetence or violence is excused as long as you have the correct “profile” and as long as you’re on the right side of history. There is no right and wrong in socialist/communist politics. Power is everything. The ends justify the means.

    Question for McKenzie: Do you really think you’re going to get more patrons at your Tea Room when news spreads around the tri-state area, as it is already, that Peekskill is a haven for would-be murderers? You might as well close up your shop now.

    Question for Rainey: On your Facebook page, you write: “We can’t get the current leadership to support or even attend events that encourage young men and women, in that age group especially, to value community, learn leadership and find employment.” Are you saying that if the “current leadership” had attended some local events, these three thugs would have instead been reading Shakespeare and and boning up on quantum mechanics? You preach accountability and responsibility but you neither exhibit it nor require it of any of your supporters.

    Comment for Rainey: You then say: “We have people in this city working their butts off, even volunteering, to help get these type of people off the street” That’s exactly right. And your friend Melissa Loehr put them right back on the streets.

    If the spineless Andre Rainey is elected Mayor, then the State of New York is going to have to take over the City of Peekskill much like the State of New Jersey had to take over Camden. With Rainey as mayor, Loehr as judge, all you need is Maxine Waters as City Manager and Bernie Sanders as Corporation Counsel and you might as well be living in Mogadishu or Damascus.

    Where there is no respect for life, where there is no respect for individual property, where is no respect for the rule of law, where might makes right, there can be no civilization. You have a state of nature.

    The road to hell is paved with the likes of Melissa Loehr, Andre Rainey and “Thang” McKenzie.


  2. Anonymous

     /  July 20, 2017

    So the guy that had the altercation with Morey who I personally know and is a hardworking family man who has lived his whole life in Peekskill and has strong ties to the community gets $3500 set bail for defending himself when he was being harassed but these guys almost kill someone and get to go home like nothing happened! So ridiculous and unfair, something has to change.


  3. GJ Papelian

     /  July 22, 2017

    I grew up in Peekskill, lived on Lincoln Terrace, went to the Assumption School and was a Parishoneer . I am appalled that this female so called judge has allowed these three men a slap on the wrist for committing these inhuman crimes against these human beings. Who allows animals like these perps to take justice in there own hands. Why is there so much hate among the human races . We are all human beings . How can the Parents of these three men even show there faces in public knowing of there injustices. This judge should be disbarred. I hope the lawyers for the victims bring a lawsuit against the families of these men and them to get justice for this crime. My Prayers are with these Men who have been brutally beaten and there families. GJP


  4. Maureen defeo

     /  July 22, 2017

    So I guess you have to be a Thug and the scum of the earth and almost kill someone to walk away . I also know the person that had issues with Morey. The Peekskill Court is so corrupt. It time for Peekskill to take the trash out starting with the judges Johnson/Loehr.


  5. GPapelian

     /  August 21, 2017

    Amen to that, let’s throw out the trash and start new🇱🇷🇱🇷



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