King Noodle and the Demise of Positively Peekskill

King Noodle Post

We at InsidePEEK knew it would happen sooner or later. There were just too many indicators and stories to believe otherwise. The old axiom, ‘where there is smoke there is fire’ rings true in Peekskill regarding the Democratic Mayoral candidate Andre Noodle Noo Rainey – and it’s not pretty.

He touts himself as “KING” of Peekskill but he has failed to realize that his words and actions have consequences. Running for mayor of a city is serious business and is a long way from hanging out with 10-15 year olds at the gym. Words he wrote in his original lyrics to his rap songs are telling. They focus on anti-police and negative attitudes toward women. They show his lack of respect for those he hopes to lead as mayor. It is very disturbing stuff.

Noodle Lyrics

We have been receiving many emails providing information pertaining to Noodle’s past troubles. We have already reported on his arrest warrant from upstate NY but there is much more. We have been asked to investigate Noodle’s reasons for fleeing Las Vegas and moving to Peekskill. We are awaiting details from individuals with first-hand knowledge. We have been promised it is coming soon. We are also waiting for a certain photo that caused his firing from Sky View Nursing Home a few years ago as well as other concerning information. As the true picture of Noodle emerges he certainly may be in for a “NO” Day when it comes to his electability.

Noodle and his running mates like to refer to themselves as “Positively Peekskill.” An oxymoron if there ever was one. Noodle has taken to intimidation and threatening members of the press. InsidePEEK has received samples of various Facebook posts by Noodle and one of his running mates, Ramon Fernandez (more on him in a future post). They have gone on the attack and look to silence anyone who questions their ideas, words or actions – including attacking the press. Democrats in general have difficulty with the truth about them being published – or having to answer for their rhetoric. Such is the case for Noodle. When asked by a member of the press to explain his hateful lyrics, Noodle went on the attack in what can only be taken as a threat:

“Be careful what you write about me … I feel like I’m KING in my city”
(Andre Rainey FB post, June 23, 2017)

Not very “Positive” to us. We have received examples of his attacks on members of his own family! Yes, Noodle even threatened Mayor Catalina about appointing his great-aunt to a city commission!

Noodle over my dead body.jpg

He has proven time and time again that he is unfit and totally unqualified to be councilman, much less mayor. The citizens of Peekskill made a huge mistake voting him in as a member of the council (albeit barely by 60 votes). They may be stuck with him for two more years as his council seat is only half over – but they certainly won’t make him mayor.

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  1. Nick corbi

     /  June 26, 2017

    The Peekskill Democratic Party is apparently in a complete state of disarray! Just take a look at their soliciting activities. As President of River House, a coop in Peekskill, I needed to entertain many complaints from our Shareowners because repeated door knocking and annoyances two weekends ago. The last thing I wanted was to entertain were the many complaints I received on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. It appears that several different groups of Democrats were allowed entry into our buildings even though we have a non soliciting policy. Someone who lives here allowed them entry. It also appears that each group had no knowledge of the others presence, as per the local District leader. This resulted in repeated knocking on the same doors. This boarded on harassment! In the past we always encouraged this activity and even hosted meet and greets or the individuals running for Mayor of Peekskill. The activity was childish and unprofessional! I did in fact speak to a local District Leader about their behavior and I was told by this individual in the most vulgar word possible, that “they can do what they wanted, and that we legally cannot stop them from entering our buildings. That individual better think again! The debacle of several weekends ago has forced our hand, and so we just drafter a new and revised non-solicitation policy which basically restricts significantly any and all solicitation, including political solicitations, in our buildings and on our property. It will be uniformly enforced! This policy will be strictly enforced and the police called if this behavior happens again. It is truly unfortunate that it has come to this, but our shareowners are entitled to their quiet enjoyment of their premises as per our Proprietary Lease. We will still entertain meet and greets, on request, for those mayoral candidates running for office so that they have the opportunity to meet our shareowners. However, these meet and greets must be done professionally and we will restrict activity to just our lobby as in the past.

    Nick Corbi


  2. Ken

     /  June 26, 2017

    There should be no room for bullying in politics, it sounds to me like this wet noodle should be run out of town for good peekskill would be better off.


  3. Alan Franz

     /  June 26, 2017

    You are clearly on top of the issues in Peekskill. Keep up the good work!



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