Peekskill Dem Party Slate – Beware!

Dem Slate Beware

Last week the Peekskill Democratic Party announced their slate of candidates for this year’s election – and it is not good for Peekskill. In fact, it is downright scary. Unless, of course, your views include making Peekskill a Sanctuary City, bashing Israel, police, firefighters and the United States of America – and support socialism, communism and are against the rule of law.

Make no mistake – this is not your mother’s Democratic Party any more. The radical liberal alt-left has fully arrived in Peekskill – and they want full power.

During this past week we did some research of the new candidates and sifted through the many emails we received offering information and comments. We have a lot more to do but here is what we found so far:

Andre “Noodle Noo” Rainey for mayor. We know, it always causes a laugh or chuckle to see that someone with such a nickname is running for office. It is embarrassing enough that he barely won a council seat just under two years ago and now thinks he can be mayor. We have written about Noodle before and there is much more to come out regarding his legal issues but we’ll leave that alone for now and move on to the council candidates – where even more serious issues lie.

Vanessa Agudelo, candidate for council, is probably the least known of the slate but is probably the one with the most disturbing background.  She proudly calls herself a “Community Organizer,” which is troubling enough but she has been a fixture at many protests and has been very active in the Anti-Israel movement. She is all about causing unrest and protecting those who break laws, disturb the public and taunt law enforcement. A troubling choice.

Ramon Fernandez, candidate for council, is relatively new to Peekskill and works as a taxi driver in the city. He ran unsuccessfully for school board in the past. Ironically, the Peekskill Democratic Party worked against him in that election, which makes us wonder why he would get involved with them now. Perhaps it is their common wish and goal to make Peekskill a Sanctuary City. Fernandez has, “almost overnight” (as one of our readers described him), gone from a mild-mannered taxi driver to a belligerent, nasty, and hypersensitive person. He has been appearing at council meetings just to bash and fight with the mayor – and to get noticed for the election of course. He is obviously being coached but he is also picking up the undesirable traits of his trainers. Not a good sign.

The third, and most puzzling candidate for common council is Colin Smith. Yes, the same Colin Smith who thought he was chosen to be the City’s Associate Judge but was passed over by the Dems for Melissa Loehr (see link to post about this below). He was upset and embarrassed to be publicly humiliated in such a way – and by his supposed friends. Now, as one of our readers stated, he is “being played” by the Democrats because he is such a ‘party first’ guy. “Like good Democrats are trained to do,” stated our reader, “Colin has put politics over doing the right thing and even over his own reputation.” Boy, that is true party loyalty! We at InsidePEEK are still asking – why? Why would someone let themselves be so embarrassed and then join those who embarrassed him? Sure, they gave him the City’s Hearing Officer job as a consolation but it is nothing like being a judge. And by the way, why has he not resigned that position now that he is a political candidate? He should be required to step down immediately due to the conflict it causes. God help any Republican or Dem Party enemy who goes before him with a ticket.

Colin’s candidacy especially poses a huge issue for the school district (he is a member of the Peekskill Board of Education) – and they are not happy about it. Some connected to the district have informed us of the concern of administrative staff and even some of Colin’s fellow board members. It opens up ALL the controversy, malfeasance, corruption and poor student performance that has plagued the district while Colin has been a board member. InsidePEEK has received numerous submissions outlining the district trouble that Colin has been involved with – some we read about previously in the press and some we haven’t. We were told there is much more to come so we will wait and gather the facts. Even now there is a serious investigation by the DA’s office that Colin will have to answer for. We will bring it all to you during the campaign.

In an earlier post, we predicted who some of the candidates would be. We were correct about Noodle but obviously wrong about McGowan – well, kind of. McGowan had every intention of running but backed out once she realized InsidePEEK had the information regarding her Grove Street transactions and issues with an entity she has financial ties to – Stella the trolley. We also were informed that another candidate wanted to run for council, Michael Kane. He was rejected by the party and he was not happy about it. In fact, he was seen being openly angry and arguing with party leaders in public. Mary Foster also wanted to get back in the good graces of the party but was told that there was “no way” the party would support her. So, she will be used or “played” to borrow one of our reader’s terms, to raise money. In fact, we were informed that she is planning a fundraiser at her Peekskill home soon.

As of the publishing of this post the Peekskill GOP has not yet made their slate public. We know from recent articles that Mayor Catalina has indicated he and Councilman Joe Torres are running for re-election and Councilman Vesce is not. That leaves two open spots for new candidates to fill. We will highlight the GOP slate once it is announced.

Other races this year include the county-wide elections for County Executive, County Clerk and County Legislators. We know that present County Executive Astorino, Clerk Idoni and Legislators representing our area, Testa and Borgia are running for re-election. The County Dems have chosen State Senator George Latimer to run against Astorino but he may have a primary challenge from County Legislator Ken Jenkins. Once we have all the races sorted out with announced candidates on both sides, InsidePEEK will give our take on each.

InsidePEEK has also received inquiries regarding the races in the Town of Cortlandt. We have not decided whether we will report on those races as of now. One of our contributing members is from Cortlandt Manor and is urging us to do so, as are many Cortlandt residents. Tell us what YOU think.

From all indications so far, it seems that this election season will be a doozy. Please send us any and all information you feel will be helpful in our coverage. Remember – all submissions are strictly confidential.

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  1. Peekskill is looking more and more like a third world sanctuary city every time I go down there during the day. If anything it has gotten worse in the last 5 or 6 years due to illegal immigration and the types of businesses that have been encouraged to take over the downtown area.

    There is absolutely nothing to attract visitors with money to spend other than the night life. Except for the gringo bars and restaurants, 95% of the businesses cater to the Latino population. This is not a “racist” remark, it is a fact. In most of the shops, English is not spoken by either the proprietors or the customers. In C-Town it appears that every single employee is Hispanic. Could any supermarket get away with hiring only “white” or non-Hispanic employees? Somehow I doubt it.

    YOu can count on one hand the number of shops that would be of interest to a more upscale clientele: Quirk Shop, Bruised Apple, Flat Iron Gallery, the Coop.

    Other than that you have Herj’s Misc Express, a low end liquor store, make believe hair salons, make believe variety stores and eve a make believe restaurant / bar that is really a “mingling club”. Hint hint.

    By far, the biggest single factor that has contributed to our beloved Peekskill’s demise has to be the Health Center.

    ****If there is ONE TOPIC that I would ask the Peek to look into and investigate, it is the Health Center. This place is nothing but a Medicaid & Medicare Mill that brings in thousands of “low income” or “no income” visitors to Peekskill. Many of these people have serious mental issues or are drug addicts who don’t exactly belong on the streets.

    But that’s not the real issue which is that the Health Center receives MILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR from the Government aka THE TAXPAYERS to pay the exorbitant salaries and other perks to the administrators.. They just spent millions on their addition and other work. Meanwhile, they have virtually no up to date medical equipment. If there was a major trauma outside their doors they would have to end the victims to the hospital as they do not have the facilities to take care of them.

    All the money was spent on new offices and fancy digs to make it easier to process those Medicare and Medicaid claims. One of the people you can thank for bringing in this wonderful industry is Jeannette Phillips. Oh yeah, I know, she’s a saint, a wonderful person. Far be it from me to say anything bad about her. But maybe if someone just followed the money…..

    All politicians like to take credit when good things happen in “their” city. I get that, but the truth is that one person, single handedly is trying to turn things around and that is Louie Lanza. Peekskill has been blessed to have a patron with unlimited money and a vision for the city. Louie has been able to act without the constraints of politics- at least it seems that way. He’s doing a great job with the bars and restaurants. Now if only he could do something to attract some of those high end merchants like you see in Beacon and Cold Spring..


  2. Ded Yorick

     /  May 24, 2017

    That’s a frightening lineup. I used to like Ramon but then he started to go all “Ken Martin” at the meetings, yelling and being defiant. As InsidePeek says, he’s clearly being coached. Sad. As for Agudelo, I admire the look, what with the nose ring and the hijab thing. Quite stylish. I can’t say I’m down with Colin’s facial hair, though. Needs some work. I know a groomer if he’s interested. In short, the Ramon Noodle ticket is a mess. If they are victorious, Ded is going to organize a secession movement.



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