Dem Strategist Morey Knocked Out, Peekskill Court Compromised


While Peekskill was enjoying another New Year’s Eve celebration downtown, the Peekskill Democratic Party Svengali’s night didn’t go very well.

According to various reports Peekskill Democratic Party mastermind, Michael Morey, was doing what he does best – being obnoxious, overly political and taxing people’s nerves at a local party that evening. In the eyes of one of the other party guests Morey went too far so the guest let Mikey have it – with a single punch. In a split-second Morey was out cold on the floor. The extent of any physical injury is unknown at this time.

Morey initially did not file a police report (did he feel he probably deserved what happened?) – and he surely didn’t want the story to become public knowledge. That only lasted a day or two. He was encouraged by others go to the police and file a report – he did. InsidePEEK is attempting to get a copy of the report.

THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING! The real story takes place after the report is filed. The ‘slugger’ of Morey was arrested but, unfortunately for him, he is not a close friend of the Peekskill Democratic Party. InsidePEEK has reported repeatedly over this past year about the Peekskill City Judge appointments and the reasons they were selected by the Democratic Majority on the council – mainly to protect their friends, family and potential voters. There is so much criminal activity within their party that they cunningly used their voting power to appoint their friends as the judges. We at InsidePEEK predicted that the influence would show itself but we didn’t realize just how right we were.

Normally, Judge Johnson would not assign bail for such an incident – he has a history of rarely doing so. He could have imposed the ‘set’ bail for such a charge: $2,500. Since this was a case involving his close friend and mentor he imposed a higher than usual bail at $3,500. Why? Let’s face it – he would not even be judge without Morey. Besides, these types of incidents don’t typically cause an arrest to be made, just a hearing and then the lawyers take over.

InsidePEEK has received numerous messages about this incident and the story is far from over. It would be in the best interest of the ‘slugger’ to hire a good lawyer and demand a different venue for the case. He will NOT get fair treatment in Peekskill – that has already been shown. A good lawyer will also take Judge Johnson to task ethically for not recusing himself from this case. The administrative judge for the district will surely be contacted to look into this matter – he has had cause to investigate the Peekskill court numerous times since Johnson took over. To put it lightly – things are not going well at the Peekskill City Court.

InsidePEEK will bring updates when they are available.

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  1. Gloria Papelian

     /  January 7, 2017

    I am ashamed of all of them and to think when I grew up there it was so much nicer.😅😅😅


  2. Ded Yorick

     /  January 24, 2017

    Does anyone know who decked Morey?


  3. Tara mcgee

     /  February 27, 2017

    What ever happened to this ?!?!
    Response – more coming soon. The case was moved out of Peekskill Court as requested by the plaintiff in order to get a fair hearing. InsidePEEK will do a complete update when the case moves forward in whatever new court is selected.


  4. Ded Yorick

     /  March 1, 2017

    Thanks, InsidePEEK. We look forward to all updates on the Morey knockout. Keep up the good work exposing this buffoon and his fellow leeches.


  5. Anonymous

     /  August 17, 2017

    I have an update on this. The case was moved to Croton court and is still going on! What a waste of time and money for the tax payers!! Anyway, the case will be going to trial since Morey is using all of his political pull in Peekskill. Yesterday in court it was put on record that Morey not only sexually harrased and made sexual advancements towards the “slugger” as you call him but his wife as well. It looks like the DA was trying to keep this information from being put on record but they failed! Trial on this is set to start on 10/4, I guess we will soon find out what really happened New Years Eve inside the big mansion on the hill in Peekskill.


  6. Anny Martinez

     /  January 22, 2018

    Trial on this starts tomorrow 1/23 in Croton!



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